~Webinar March 2nd~ (mit dt. Übersetzung)

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A topic Ananda has never presented in depth in public before.

We will also look at other Designer World Codes, embedded in language systems for practice in the alchemy as vehicle that unifies the psychic organism, and thereby unifies the syntax of history and traditions into the numinous language of the Word.

Here is the proof that English in the Designer World Model, is integral to forms of gematria, the arcane arcana code, and the proto-vedic root source thereof.

Which may be applied to the Diamond Body Lotus protocols, and other forms of direct personal practice.

Kick-off: 10 a.m (Pacific Standard Time); 7p.m. (Berlin/MilanZürich)

Duration: app. 6 h (with open end) 

In English with German translation

We are excited to present you this extraordinary unique topic, never unveiled to the public audience before.


With your participation, you support our ongoing work as well as our future projects which we are woking on between the webinars.

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Ein einzigartiges Thema, das Ananda noch nie vorher in der Tiefe öffentlich präsentiert hat.


Ebenfalls präsentiert werden andere Designer Welt Codes, eingebettet in Sprachsysteme für die Praxis in der Alchemie als Fahrzeug, das den psychischen Organismus vereint, und dadurch die Syntax der Geschichte und Traditionen zu der numinosen (göttlichen) Sprache des Wortes vereint.

Hier ist der Beweis, dass das Englische im Weltmodell des Designers ein integraler Bestandteil der Formen der Gematria, des arkanen Codes der Arkana und der proto-vedischen Wurzelquelle ist.

Dies kann auf die Diamond Body Lotus-Protokolle und andere Formen der direkten prsönlichen Praxis angewendet werden.


Start: 19.00 Uhr (Berlin/Mailand/ Zürich)

Dauer: ca. 6 Stunden (mit offenem Ende)

Mit deutscher Übersetzung von Simone


Wir freuen uns darauf Euch dieses außergewöhnliche Thema, das wir noch nicht vorher gezeigt haben, zu präsentieren.


Mit Euerer Teilnahme unterstützt Ihr unsere Arbeit und kuunftigen Projekte an denen wir zwischen den Webinaren arbeiten.

Falls Ihr unser Schaffen darüber hinaus unterstützen möchtet, könnt Ihr das gerne über unseren Spenden Knopf auf der Frontseite unserer Webseite machen. Vielen herzlichen Dank!

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March 23rd: Ananda Live in Vancouver~ 1-Day Seminar




“The Designer World – Co-Creatorship, Coherence, and You”

MARCH 23rd, 2024


Seminar Topics Include:

  • Biological Transhumanism
  • Beyond the Universe is a Simulation theory
  • The Designer World is Interactive
  • How to Login to the Designer World
  • The NASA Lies about Reality — Implications to the Designer World
  • 1990s Founder of the 432Hz Popular & Electronic Music, Sacred Numbers & Geometry of the Designer World
  • The Pan-Ultimate Eschatology of All Is God
  • The Hyperdimensions of the Designer World
  • The Superintelligence Hypothesis: A Superintelligence Behind the UFO Intelligences & Contact,  with Implications in the Designer World Model & Designer World Aware & Awake Mankind
  • Co-Creatorship in the Designer World Model

Follow this Link to find more information about topics, venue & buying your ticket 

UFO/UAP Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Press Conference Aug. 21, 2021 – Ananda Bosman

Academic & Civilian UFOlogical Community’s Response to the UAP Task Force.pdf

Press Statement   &

First Announcement of the 

UFO/UAP Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Press Conference Aug. 21, 2021 -Ananda Bosman together with our Media Partner ExopoliticsTV: 

Press Statement

by Ananda Bosman

Vancouver, Soundhouse Studios & via Press Room Online, August 21st, 2021

Press Release

Press Statement by Ananda Bosman (organizer of “JFK & the Alien Presence” Press Conference, 1991 Copenhagen). Co-organizer with Yann Vadnais (Garpan.ca) and Alfred Lambremont Webre (Exopolitics.com) of the “Multi-Metropolitan Academic UFOlogy Press Conference in response to the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force Report on UFOs/UAPs)”.
Venue:  Vancouver, BC, August 21st, 2021 via Press Room.
In response to the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force Report assembled from all branches of the US Government, Military, Intelligence — the International Academic and Civilian UFOlogical Community, will voice its independent evaluation of the UAPTS report, with related relevant research, as an independent voice for critical review.
There are three main UFOlogy groups (with subgroups):
1. Studies the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH), extraterrestrial life, genetic and cultural intervention, and the ET contact/experience, at face value.
2. Represents the civilian, scientific, and academic researchers, takes the anthropological approach, and may be inclined towards the Hyperdimensional Hypothesis (HDH); the Ultraterrestrial Hypothesis (UTH); or the Superintelligence Hypothesis (SIH).
3. Strictly adheres to Military UFOlogy that investigates and postulates unacknowledged unconventional exotic technology covertly possessed by foreign or domestic nations, exhibiting the behavior of some UFO cases.
A combination of factors is always open for review as evidence accrues.
The International Academic and Civilian UFOlogical Community will voice its research findings, criteria, and data, to coordinate the coherent integration of results into scientific discourses, and related transdisciplinary fields, in advancing our comprehension, and innovating this field of UAP research, with an independent academic voice of free information
Note that this is the English speaking wing of the international event. Montreal will be held in De Lux Media Studio.
Paris, in the BTLV TV Studios.
The Spanish wing in Aeropuerto Orión studios Buenos Aires/Vancouver. Links are in our enclosed general press statement PDF below.
Academic & Civilian UFOlogical Community’s Response to the UAP Task Force.pdf


Register in advance for this Press Conference here: 

Vancouver, BC (English):
Mainstream Media, Local Media, Alternative Media, Other-Media go to PRESS ROOM
Live broadcasting of the Conference on YouTube HERE

On the ExopoliticsTV YouTube channel 


Montreal TV Studio, Paris BTLV TV Studios (French) go to PRESS ROOM HERE
Live broadcasting on Lux Média HERE


Buenos Aires (Spanish):      Live Streaming HERE 


All Is God the Book ~ Out Now!

Out Now: Ananda’s long awaited book:  All Is God 

Check out his Intro to his worldwide released new book below and get it in English on amazon.com, amazon.ca, amazon.de, amazon.it, (or in your country’s amazon store) for a perfect holiday read: 
ALL IS GOD, has special detail placed in the many many footnotes, that anchor and ground much of the content, to inform, and enable the reader to further research and delve into each area, for themselves, with greater depth.

The illustrations speak and are arranged in accordance with one another, so as to “speak” with each other, and convey a gallery of understanding in cascades, with numerous embedded fields of novelty and discovery there to uncover. 

Whilst the meat of the nook is nutritiously rich with experience, detail, uniqueness, Spirit, and Being. Enjoy the read!

Ananda on “Lighting the Void” with Joe Rupe

Ananda at “Lighting The Void” on Fringe.fm

Ananda speaks 3 hours with host Joe Rupe about the most exciting topics out there in the March 18th Show!  

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