Wellbeing Conference 2016 – Turino, Italy  Part 1

Wellbeing Conference 2016 – Turino, Italy  Part 2

22nd International Conference 2016 – The Multidimensional Mana Montesilvano, Italy


Sacred Radio

This is a series of seven radio interviews as well as slides by Ananda Bosman
Ananda’s gallery  and some of his papers are on the right hand side of the page.


Radio Sanitas with Mel Fabregas 432Hz: The Original Musical Frequency of Healing & Well-Being


Radio Veritas with Mel Fabregas: The Implications of Ultraterrestrial & ETI Contact in the Age of Neurogenesis




Free Radical Media: Alchemy, Soma & the Eschaton


Project Camelot


UFO Dinner February 2016 Rouen


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Hyperdive into 512 Dimensionality – Ananda Bosman on EVER

Inside The Mind of a Translocating Mystic – Ananda Bosman on EVER