5th International Congress on UFOlogy University of Montréal, Canada, October 2018

Wellbeing Conference 2016 – Turino, Italy  Part 1

Wellbeing Conference 2016 – Turino, Italy  Part 2

22nd International Conference 2016 – The Multidimensional Man Montesilvano, Italy


“Lighting The Void” on

Ananda speaks 3 hours with host Joe Rupe about the most exciting topics out there!  Listen through your preferred Podcast Sites HERE  

Or on YouTube  Tune in & enjoy the show!



Sacred Radio  

This is a series of seven radio interviews as well as slides by Ananda Bosman,
Ananda’s gallery and some of his papers are on the right side of the page:   Check it out HERE & enjoy the shows!



The Expansion Zone on KPFK 90.7 FM with Sonia Barrett

Check out the two interviews from Ananda with Radio Host Sonia Barrett on her Show “The Expansion Zone” on The Hyperlanguage of the DNA Code Part 1 & 2



Radio Sanitas Interview on:  432Hz~ The Original Musical Frequency of Healing & Well-Being

Radio Host Mel Fabregas interviews Ananda Bosman for over 2h30min on 432Hz/8Hz, Healing & Well-Being through these Ancient Musical Frequencies.  Check it out HERE


Radio Veritas with Mel Fabregas: The Implications of
Ultraterrestrial & ETI Contact in the Age of Neurogenesis

Check out the first part of Ananda’s exciting in-depth interview through a multitude of topics, HERE or HERE


Free Radical Media: Alchemy, Soma & the Eschaton

Ananda is talking about Alchemy, Soma & the Eschaton in this 2h interview with Free Radical Media. Listen to the full interview HERE



Ananda’s Interview with Project Camelot in 7 Parts

Check out all 7 Parts HERE






UFO Dinner February 2016 Rouen

Check out the 3h 25min long interview with Marc Gray from UFO Dinner, Rouen/France HERE



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Video Interview with Science To Sage

Inside The Mind of a Translocating Mystic – Ananda Bosman on EVER


Hyperdive into 512 Dimensionality- 2nd Interview with Ever