Dance the Night Away! With this music you will feel the multiple/multileveled 8hz-effects throughout your Body, Mind & Soul expressed through your Dancing – Best heard in high volume!


AUMbience of the Heart is the AUMbient StyleCD in 72 bpm. Perfect to listen to while chilling out after a stressful day/night, for slower dancing or as background music for different occasions.

Double-CD set Deep-State – AUMedi 432

In his compositions on this New Double-CD set -all of course tuned in 432Hz- Ananda combines more than ever Sacred Geometrical Harmonies with the Universal 8Hz- Healing Frequency on all levels possible to give the audience an almost 120 minutes long high class sound experience, which is best used for deep, intensive meditations, retreats, deep relaxation or for daily harmonization of all our bodies