Press Conference 5th International Congress on Ufology University Montréal

This is the Press Conference of the 5th International Congress on UFOlogy at the University of Québec in Montréal, 27th of October 2018.

You will find an English version and a complete French version of the Press Conference on:

English only, Ananda only, high HD quality version: AnandaBosmanYouTube

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Diamond Body Lotus Training Vortexijah

In the Diamond Body/ Light Body Starship Field Propulsion-Training Ananda is teaching, or reminding, how to connect the energy centers of the body.

The body has seven nervous energy plexi, vortexes that feed seven endocrine glands, now commonly known as the Chakra’s from the East.

But they are seven glands with seven measurable vortexes, and they are produced from what he calls the Vortexijah.

The 432Hz 8Hz Musical Revolution Wellbeing and Transformation

The 432Hz&8Hz Musical Revolution-Wellbeing & Transformation in Harmony with the Cosmos

This event was held in 2015

26 & 27 of September in San Marino/Italyorganized by Giorgia Gaia and in collaboration with the QInstitute.


Flyer in Italiano clicca qui…

Here are some program points that are waiting for you : –

  • Ananda will present in those 2 days in his multimedia rich style
  • the 432Hz & 8Hz Mega Music Revolution
  • its musical effects on our Wellbeing &
  • the Visions of the Future for Universal Music & Mankind
  • in Harmony with the effect ons of the Future for Universal Music & Mankind in Harmony with the Cosmos!


Saturday Night after end of seminar 

  •    432HZ DanceSet with Ananda’s music and more…
  •    Guided Meditation by Ananda with 432Hz, 8Hz,
  •    72bpm and his UFOM music guiding as a soundwave in the background
  •   Performance of organizer & artist Giorgia Gaia together with her artistic partner during the event,
  •    a live soundscape in 432 Hz.
  •  Short presentation of Q Institute, their activities
  • 432hz guided meditation with Marco Fincati (their speaker) and Andrea Zuin (432hz hardpan player).


….more to come

Venue: Centro Vacanze San Marino


Ticket prices for both days:

    € 89,00 for bookings before 15. September 2015

    € 99,00 for bookings after  15. September 2015

For signing up & questions regarding accommodation please contact:

Giorgia Gaia on


by phone: 00393479853606 (in English or Italian