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March 23rd: Ananda Live in Vancouver~ 1-Day Seminar




“The Designer World – Co-Creatorship, Coherence, and You”

MARCH 23rd, 2024


Seminar Topics Include:

  • Biological Transhumanism
  • Beyond the Universe is a Simulation theory
  • The Designer World is Interactive
  • How to Login to the Designer World
  • The NASA Lies about Reality — Implications to the Designer World
  • 1990s Founder of the 432Hz Popular & Electronic Music, Sacred Numbers & Geometry of the Designer World
  • The Pan-Ultimate Eschatology of All Is God
  • The Hyperdimensions of the Designer World
  • The Superintelligence Hypothesis: A Superintelligence Behind the UFO Intelligences & Contact,  with Implications in the Designer World Model & Designer World Aware & Awake Mankind
  • Co-Creatorship in the Designer World Model

Follow this Link to find more information about topics, venue & buying your ticket

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UFO/UAP Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Press Conference Aug. 21, 2021 – Ananda Bosman

Academic & Civilian UFOlogical Community’s Response to the UAP Task Force.pdf

Press Statement   &

First Announcement of the 

UFO/UAP Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Press Conference Aug. 21, 2021 -Ananda Bosman together with our Media Partner ExopoliticsTV: 

Press Statement

by Ananda Bosman

Vancouver, Soundhouse Studios & via Press Room Online, August 21st, 2021

Press Release

Press Statement by Ananda Bosman (organizer of “JFK & the Alien Presence” Press Conference, 1991 Copenhagen). Co-organizer with Yann Vadnais (Garpan.ca) and Alfred Lambremont Webre (Exopolitics.com) of the “Multi-Metropolitan Academic UFOlogy Press Conference in response to the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force Report on UFOs/UAPs)”.
Venue:  Vancouver, BC, August 21st, 2021 via Press Room.
In response to the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force Report assembled from all branches of the US Government, Military, Intelligence — the International Academic and Civilian UFOlogical Community, will voice its independent evaluation of the UAPTS report, with related relevant research, as an independent voice for critical review.
There are three main UFOlogy groups (with subgroups):
1. Studies the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH), extraterrestrial life, genetic and cultural intervention, and the ET contact/experience, at face value.
2. Represents the civilian, scientific, and academic researchers, takes the anthropological approach, and may be inclined towards the Hyperdimensional Hypothesis (HDH); the Ultraterrestrial Hypothesis (UTH); or the Superintelligence Hypothesis (SIH).
3. Strictly adheres to Military UFOlogy that investigates and postulates unacknowledged unconventional exotic technology covertly possessed by foreign or domestic nations, exhibiting the behavior of some UFO cases.
A combination of factors is always open for review as evidence accrues.
The International Academic and Civilian UFOlogical Community will voice its research findings, criteria, and data, to coordinate the coherent integration of results into scientific discourses, and related transdisciplinary fields, in advancing our comprehension, and innovating this field of UAP research, with an independent academic voice of free information
Note that this is the English speaking wing of the international event. Montreal will be held in De Lux Media Studio.
Paris, in the BTLV TV Studios.
The Spanish wing in Aeropuerto Orión studios Buenos Aires/Vancouver. Links are in our enclosed general press statement PDF below.
Academic & Civilian UFOlogical Community’s Response to the UAP Task Force.pdf


Register in advance for this Press Conference here: 

Vancouver, BC (English):
Mainstream Media, Local Media, Alternative Media, Other-Media go to PRESS ROOM
Live broadcasting of the Conference on YouTube HERE

On the ExopoliticsTV YouTube channel 


Montreal TV Studio, Paris BTLV TV Studios (French) go to PRESS ROOM HERE
Live broadcasting on Lux Média HERE


Buenos Aires (Spanish):      Live Streaming HERE 


EPR- Teleconference Sept 1-5, 2020


organised by The R.M.Santilli Foundation

Click HERE for the full 5-day conference overview

and HERE for the different debates that took place

Ananda has presented his interview of Ruggero M. Santilli on “Einstein’s determinism” on September 1st.

Please check the preview HERE

Please find HERE all the videos of the lectures that took place at the Teleconference. 


Video of the : 2020 Canadian UFOlogy Summit now uploaded!

THE: 2020 Canadian Ufology Summit”

that was held on  Sunday, November 15th

Can be watched now on you Tube


This WAS a Truly unique event — first time such an event gathers ufologists from Canada’s coast to coast!

Many hearty thanks to GARPAN.CA for making such an event possible: Yann VADNAIS,  Steve ZUNIGA,  Dr Martin JANTA-POLCZYNSKI
It was a great pleasure to participate in this event, thank you!
« The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. »  




OCT 23, 24, 25, 2020, LAS VEGAS, NEVADA

Alexis Park All Suite Resort, 375 E. Harmon Ave,

Las Vegas, NV 89169

This event is in Person and Virtual

Website: http://Biomedexpo.com

New Humanity Movement & 5D EVENTS “For Our Planet”

Expo Conference for Professionals & Consumers

5D events with 5 Dimensions of Science, Consciousness, Health, Business & Spirituality invites you to their 24TH epic 3-day event:


Our past events: https://youtu.be/WL4R-wLjWu4

COVID-19:  BIOMED EXPO follows CDC Guidelines and the states of Nevada mandate for safe events. We do our best to assure all a healthy environment to protect our attendees.

BIOMED EXPO OCT 23-25, 2020 event facemask required by State of Nevada mandate, Seats are in safe distance from another, Las Vegas average Temp in OCT is 79 Degree F, within walking distance are number of restaurants and some deliver food, Las Vegas Restaurants are open to sit inside to eat, over 1.1 million people visited Las Vegas in month of June.

***BIOMED EXPO 2020 is about amazing 3-day epic 5D event is about creating a better future with Quantum consciousness, Functional Wellness, Scalar Research and Technology, Stem Cell Research, Cancer research, Anti-Aging, Anti-Cancer, DNA Activation, Longevity, Quantum Healing, Space Science, Tesla Technology, Agenda 21, Survival of Humanity, Biological Architecture, Pyramids, ET Disclosure, Artificial Intelligence, Secret Space Programs, Time Travel, ET contact, Business Leadership, CO-Creating a new Paradigm with a 2.0 humanity, Personal Empowerment, Awareness, Transformation, Gratitude, Sacred Geometry, Spirituality & Life Mastery with many Lectures, Workshops, Panels, Exhibits, Friday Night Speakers meet and greet party & Saturday Night Banquet Dinner party.

Networking of Medical Doctors, Scientists, Quantum Medicine Researchers, Biomedical Companies, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Homeopaths, Licensed Herbalists, Naturopaths, Health Practitioners, Nutritionists, Osteopaths, Pharmacists, Physical Therapists, Nurses, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Dietitians, and healthcare practitioners.

Please join us at this amazing BIOMED EXPO 2020 with diverse audience in health industry and amazing speakers with exploration of the five precepts which we consider to be fundamentally allowing ourselves to Quantify further & gauge the following “Health, Wellness, Science, Biomedicine & Quantum Healing”. Within these three days, we shall have the most prominent keynote speakers in each area of those dimensions which will discover and engage with workshops, lectures & panels on some of the most prominent questions in our lifetime.

Event Keynote Speaker: Dr. Michael Borkin

***Following speakers coming in person to the event:

Dr. Michael Borkin, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, Dr. Scott Werner, Bill Walsh, Saeed David Farman, Donna McGrath, Samuel Kiwasz, Margaret Rogers Van Coops PhD., Mark Yuzuik, Michelle Jewsbury, Joe S. Blanton, Aurora Buchanan, Eric Reza Dadmehr, James Rink, Alan Bedian, Hengi Petersen, Miesha Johnston, Xane Daniel & Ocean Sky Nikita Yonce.

***Following speakers will speak on Zoom live event:

Dr. Sam Osmangich, Alfred Lamremont Webre, Prof Dr. Mike Chan, Ananda Bosman, Joseph P. Ghabi, PhD., Viviane Chauvet & Peter Benson.


Page 1:http://5devents.com/id142.html

Page 2: http://5devents.com/id139.html

Page 3: http://5devents.com/speakers.html

Event Ticket sales:

Eventbrite Ticket link: https://bit.ly/34tnUee

Or go to: http://5devents.com/id143.html


Tickets: https://bit.ly/31dDURq

***Special event:

Friday OCT 23RD,  2020, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

ET Disclosure ALIENSHIFT Panel

Panel Host: Saeed David Farman

Panel Speakers:

Eric Reza Dadmehr, Super Soldier James Rink, Margaret Rogers Van Coops PhD. & Miesha Johnston

***Meet & Greet party with Speakers:

Friday night from 8 PM to 10 PM, appetizers with cash Bar & soft music

***Special event:

Saturday OCT 24TH, 2020, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Current Events in Plandemic Panel

Panel Host: Saeed David Farman

Panel Speakers:

Dr. Michael Borkin, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, Dr. Scott Werner, Donna McGrath, Eric Reza Dadmehr, James Rink & Hengi Petersen 

***Banquet Dinner Party:  Saturday Dinner from 8 PM to 10 PM

***Special event:

Sunday OCT 25TH, 2020, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Achieving Results closing Panel

Panel Host: Saeed David Farman

Panel Speakers:

Dr. Michael Borkin, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, Dr. Scott Werner, Donna McGrath, Margaret Rogers Van Coops PhD., Michelle Jewsbury, Joe S. Blanton, James Rink, Alan Bedian, Hengi Petersen, Miesha Johnston, Xane Daniel & Ocean Sky Nikita Yonce. 


Director of the event: David Farman (david@5devents.com) Phone: 1-310-908-6682

Technical Directors: Dennis Whipple& Alan Bedian

***Event hours:

Registration starts at 8 AM daily and event starts at 9 AM till 11 PM, Friday on Saturday & Sunday from 9 AM until 8 PM.

***Nearest Airport:

Only 10 minutes away from Las Vegas International McCarran Airport

Complimentary McCarran Airport shuttle (Terminal 1 only)

Event Group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/5DEVENT

Media contact: please email Director of the event, David Farman:

David@5devents.com      or call 1-310-908-6682