All Is God

ALL IS GOD, dives into Ananda’s vast fields of experience, research, spirituality, music and engagement in 7 distinct chapters. It gives special detail placed in the footnotes, that anchor and ground much of the content, to inform, and enable the the reader to further research and to delve into each area, for themselves, with greater depth. The illustrations speak and are arranged in accordance with one another, so as to “speak” with each other, and convey a gallery of understanding in cascades, with numerous embedded fields of novelty and discovery there to uncover. Whilst the meat of the nook is nutritiously rich with experience, detail, uniqueness, Spirit, and Being. As a worldwide release, it is currently available in English as Kindle Version on,,,, and in your country’s amazon store.

Diving into Superconsciousness

A Guide to Being All Is God

After his NDEs Ananda had access to a source of numinous intelligence, the Emmanuels, that expanded him into superconscious states of being. This book contains one of those neuro-cybernetic communications with practical applications at the peak of the contacts. Get it HERE 

The Unity Keys of Emmanuel: The Interuniversal Perspective for the Unity of Diversity Vol 1

This book volume series is an enormous revelation to Ananda in his 20’s. You hold in your hands one of the unique paradigms of post-modern times in the west, the Golden Midway Path.
THIS IS A UNIQUE EXEMPLAR that can transform the spiritual, metaphysical, gnostic, neo-science, and mystical traditions of the west. Get it HERE 

Explorations into All~Oneness

The Light of Emmanuel

After his NDEs that completely changed Ananda’s life, he became a “contactee” for Numinous “Ultraterrestrial” Intelligences, the Emmanuels and Extra – Temporal Intelligences (ETI). In this updated version of Ananda’s 1992 book classic, you will find a completely new introduction as well as some updates with new references, charts, graphics, and other supporting pictures, not present in the first edition. Available soon!

The Unity Keys of Emmanuel

The Interuniversal Perspective For The Unity Of Diversity

Ananda’s famous book written from 1993-1999 and published in 1999is currently out of stock. Parts are being extracted and will be published in the future. With several updates and intros which will put the book’s contents into a new context with numerous implications. The description is here

The “Alien” Presence

The Evidence For Government Contact With “Alien” Life Forms (italics)This book is the result of 7 years of experience, research & investigation into the UFO & AlienPresence phenomenon, engaged long before the internet. In late March 1990 Ananda started to gather military testimony, documents & other facts, which he knew where to find due to the previous five years of research and experience.After having gathered an evolving mountain of documents, in January 1991, the basic notes for this manuscript were utilised in the “JFK & THE ALIEN PRESENCE”, Press Conference, held by Ananda in January 1991, in Copenhagen, Denmark (with a lot of press present). The skeleton of this book and Book Two was written in 1991 & published early 1992. Currently out of stock

The Soma Conspiracy

Unveiling the Lexiconography & Identity of the Primordial Elixir Of Immortality & Metamorphosis This book is the result of Anandas 1’1 years of research, investigation, experiments, and insight into this hitherto arcane subject. The evidence assembled portrays a historical conspiracy that has been interspersed amidst our species from the genesis of history. Not necessary conspiracy of paranoia and evil forces, but a literary conspiracy. Whereby certain objective elements within nature  that have medicinal properties and effects on the Pineal along with implications in neurogenetic engineering man into a former higher cortical and Central Nervous System activated state – have been deliberately coded into the syntax of the Greek and Latin languages, from a far distant language of our Soma using forefathers.This book is available as a pdf in its 3rd edition from 2004 (with two additional research years, and several new chapters than the 2002 edition) Contact Here

The RigVeda

This is an edited version of the Rg Veda by Ananda
Based on translations from Dr. Ralph T.H. Griffith (1889), Dr. W. D. Flaharty, and other scholarly and numinous sources. Ananda merely updated the old English form, to modern English, and on a few hymns, utilised a combination of translations.
The main work of interest in these 432 pages, is the lengthy intro by Ananda Bosman, from 2002 early Manu years. 2ND PRE-EDITION AUGUST 2002


Diamond Body Lotus Vehicle Light Body Star Ship Field Manu-El

This is a book about the Vortexijah practice developed and taught to students since 1992/94. It is only available to students who participated in all parts of one of his Vortexijahtraining workshops, that are 8-10  day intensives.

Il Codice TUTTO È DIO ~Amore Omni-Dimensionale & la Ri-Realizzazione dell’Anthropos

Questo libro offre una panoramica del lavoro di Ananda Bosman e si compone di 8 capitoli. Ananda descrive la sua Cosmologia dettagliata basata sull’amore compassionevole in azione, che ha ricevuto dagli esseri di luce dorata, chiamato Emmanuel. Spiega dettagliatamente la geometria sacra dorata dietro la sua AUMega Music Revolution 432hz / 8hz e le sue composizioni musicali e impartisce esercizi pratici dal suo Vortexijah Diamond Body Lotus -Training. Per ordinare contattaci qui