432hz ~The Musical Revolution: Book Excerpts First Time in English

The Italian musician & composer Riccardo Tristano Tuis based big parts of his book: 432Hertz: La Rivoluzione Musicale – L’Accordatura Aurea per intonare la musica alla biologia” (published by Nexus Publishing 1st ed. 2010/2nd ed. 2017; engl. translation: 432Hertz: The Musical Revolution- The Golden Tuning that tunes the music our Biology) on Ananda Bosman’s scientific research and called the well-being & healing effect of Ananda Bosman’s music theAnanda Effect”.   

Read here some excerpts from the book first time in Italian with English translation:

Italian Original Excerpts

English Translation of Excerpts


#23 & #32 Science&Consciousness Magazine, Italy

Read here the original Italian Articles of Issue #23 and Issue #32 in Scienza e Conoscenza with English translation: 

Scienza e Conoscenza #23 “L’influenza delle frequenze sui processi vitali: Accordi sopra i 432 hertz, frattali e DNA“




#32Science&Consciousness: “Il codice della Pineale: Neurotrasmettitori pineali – Intervista ad Ananda Bosman