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Since the last webinar-seminar there have been many new developments – again!

The upcoming webinar on September 26th, kicks off at 18.00 (Milan, Amsterdam, Berlin time), 9 a.m. PST & we will transmit between 5h -6h or longer (with open end again). For our Italian friends & kindred spirits, Khudai Enrico will provide her professional Italian translation. 

Topics are coming soon…stay tuned!

EPR- Teleconference Sept 1-5, 2020


organised by The R.M.Santilli Foundation

Click HERE for the full 5-day conference overview

and HERE for the different debates that took place.

Ananda has presented his interview of Ruggero M. Santilli on “Einstein’s determinism” on September 1st.

Please check the preview HERE



OCT 23, 24, 25, 2020, LAS VEGAS, NEVADA

Alexis Park All Suite Resort, 375 E. Harmon Ave,

Las Vegas, NV 89169

This event is in Person and Virtual


New Humanity Movement & 5D EVENTS “For Our Planet”

Expo Conference for Professionals & Consumers

5D events with 5 Dimensions of Science, Consciousness, Health, Business & Spirituality invites you to their 24TH epic 3-day event:


Our past events:

COVID-19:  BIOMED EXPO follows CDC Guidelines and the states of Nevada mandate for safe events. We do our best to assure all a healthy environment to protect our attendees.

BIOMED EXPO OCT 23-25, 2020 event facemask required by State of Nevada mandate, Seats are in safe distance from another, Las Vegas average Temp in OCT is 79 Degree F, within walking distance are number of restaurants and some deliver food, Las Vegas Restaurants are open to sit inside to eat, over 1.1 million people visited Las Vegas in month of June.

***BIOMED EXPO 2020 is about amazing 3-day epic 5D event is about creating a better future with Quantum consciousness, Functional Wellness, Scalar Research and Technology, Stem Cell Research, Cancer research, Anti-Aging, Anti-Cancer, DNA Activation, Longevity, Quantum Healing, Space Science, Tesla Technology, Agenda 21, Survival of Humanity, Biological Architecture, Pyramids, ET Disclosure, Artificial Intelligence, Secret Space Programs, Time Travel, ET contact, Business Leadership, CO-Creating a new Paradigm with a 2.0 humanity, Personal Empowerment, Awareness, Transformation, Gratitude, Sacred Geometry, Spirituality & Life Mastery with many Lectures, Workshops, Panels, Exhibits, Friday Night Speakers meet and greet party & Saturday Night Banquet Dinner party.

Networking of Medical Doctors, Scientists, Quantum Medicine Researchers, Biomedical Companies, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Homeopaths, Licensed Herbalists, Naturopaths, Health Practitioners, Nutritionists, Osteopaths, Pharmacists, Physical Therapists, Nurses, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Dietitians, and healthcare practitioners.

Please join us at this amazing BIOMED EXPO 2020 with diverse audience in health industry and amazing speakers with exploration of the five precepts which we consider to be fundamentally allowing ourselves to Quantify further & gauge the following “Health, Wellness, Science, Biomedicine & Quantum Healing”. Within these three days, we shall have the most prominent keynote speakers in each area of those dimensions which will discover and engage with workshops, lectures & panels on some of the most prominent questions in our lifetime.

Event Keynote Speaker: Dr. Michael Borkin

***Following speakers coming in person to the event:

Dr. Michael Borkin, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, Dr. Scott Werner, Bill Walsh, Saeed David Farman, Donna McGrath, Samuel Kiwasz, Margaret Rogers Van Coops PhD., Mark Yuzuik, Michelle Jewsbury, Joe S. Blanton, Aurora Buchanan, Eric Reza Dadmehr, James Rink, Alan Bedian, Hengi Petersen, Miesha Johnston, Xane Daniel & Ocean Sky Nikita Yonce.

***Following speakers will speak on Zoom live event:

Dr. Sam Osmangich, Alfred Lamremont Webre, Prof Dr. Mike Chan, Ananda Bosman, Joseph P. Ghabi, PhD., Viviane Chauvet & Peter Benson.


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Event Ticket sales:

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***Special event:

Friday OCT 23RD,  2020, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

ET Disclosure ALIENSHIFT Panel

Panel Host: Saeed David Farman

Panel Speakers:

Eric Reza Dadmehr, Super Soldier James Rink, Margaret Rogers Van Coops PhD. & Miesha Johnston

***Meet & Greet party with Speakers:

Friday night from 8 PM to 10 PM, appetizers with cash Bar & soft music

***Special event:

Saturday OCT 24TH, 2020, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Current Events in Plandemic Panel

Panel Host: Saeed David Farman

Panel Speakers:

Dr. Michael Borkin, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, Dr. Scott Werner, Donna McGrath, Eric Reza Dadmehr, James Rink & Hengi Petersen 

***Banquet Dinner Party:  Saturday Dinner from 8 PM to 10 PM

***Special event:

Sunday OCT 25TH, 2020, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Achieving Results closing Panel

Panel Host: Saeed David Farman

Panel Speakers:

Dr. Michael Borkin, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, Dr. Scott Werner, Donna McGrath, Margaret Rogers Van Coops PhD., Michelle Jewsbury, Joe S. Blanton, James Rink, Alan Bedian, Hengi Petersen, Miesha Johnston, Xane Daniel & Ocean Sky Nikita Yonce. 


Director of the event: David Farman ( Phone: 1-310-908-6682

Technical Directors: Dennis Whipple& Alan Bedian

***Event hours:

Registration starts at 8 AM daily and event starts at 9 AM till 11 PM, Friday on Saturday & Sunday from 9 AM until 8 PM.

***Nearest Airport:

Only 10 minutes away from Las Vegas International McCarran Airport

Complimentary McCarran Airport shuttle (Terminal 1 only)

Event Group on Facebook:

Media contact: please email Director of the event, David Farman:      or call 1-310-908-6682

Available Webinar-Recordings

Recordings of Ananda’s Webinars from March 28th (7h), May 2nd (8h), May 30th (6h30min), June 27th (6h30min), August 1st & August 29th (7h) are available…

  • In the March 28th one-day webinar, Ananda has shared the spiritual, psychological, physical, character of the present Corona outlay, and the larger world game stage at hand, in context to awakening mankind and the cosmic super intelligence that is with us.
    We have looked at many factors. Also clear solutions up ahead and immediate.
    We have explored the scenarios that may unroll, and should they, what one can do. Delving into the:


Character of Corona, and beyond, as well as the:

Secret Society, mixed Eschatological, and
Game theories

Involved in the present unfoldment, and similar unfoldment, so that they can be read in context.
And what is likely to continue.
Looking at:

Preventatives, &
Educational advances,

For this present situation and up ahead. The bigger meaning of what is at hand.

Another view of a larger picture, which involves elements not being talked about, that have been placed into our world by the super and hyper civilizations. By the Superintelligence that we are part of. The tools of transformational alchemy to utilize herein.

  • In his May 2nd webinar, he continued with the presentations above and went into the reality beyond our perception and what we have been told to be true.
  • And in his May 30th Webinar he presents the UFO presence with valid footage during the Corona time and goes into details what that means for mankind.  
  • In his June 27th webinar-seminar he explores in-depth subjects Ananda will be exploring in-depth subjects that are actually active today, and in the months and years ahead, from a spiritual, philosophical, eschatological, and ontological perspective, of mystical science e.g.:  Beyond Corona; the new Reality Games, interactive social game and art forms, used as components of a Reality Show, with branding; Midway Path applications;  Anthropic Sentience in the post modern meditation; the nature of our reality is beyond evolution, it is a concurrent creation, how this changes the meaning of our world today, there are strong facts to back that up.
  • The August 1st Webinar-Seminar “UNIVERSAL ONENESS, ENTANGLEMENT, & THE NEBULI OF PERCEPTION” had the following topics:

New Dimensions on Oneness & All-Oneness (with slides)

More details on the world game board

Engaging Super-Intelligence, through protocol, Unity Consciousness, & Grid Node Work operations

Portals — portals of perception, portals of symbiosis

UFOs of Corona — a continuum (massive increase)

EPR Debates — Progress Report

Nature & Anatomy of Corona — Update, docs

The Yoga of Perception — Perceptual Yoga

Cultivation Practice in an Age of Introspection

The Disclosure Paddles, Unveilings, & Game Plans

Details of the Super-Self (with new diagrams)

Computer Wearables VS computer symbiosis (choices ahead)

Unveiling the Thresholds

Reality Anew in an Universally Entangled Universe

The August 29th webinar kicks off with 

UFO OFFICIAL UNFOLDMENTS — ONE YEAR AHEAD (detailed with documentation) & what it means for our time today  then gives some

CORONA (Updates All Around) and goes further into 


SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT (how to utilize these unique times for one’s spiritual practice, and preparing for portal workings in nature) and rounds off with

THE “REAL” MARS (some of this you may never have heard about, or seen) and

The Ether Body — Original Modal at the foundation of body, mind, & soul

The Webinars are all in English with fluent Italian simultaneous translation.

For registration & purchase please contact us at cosmos[at]


Vortexijah ~ Diamond Body Lotus Training

In the “Vortexijah~Diamond Body/Light Body Starship Field Propulsion-Training” – the  8Hz Unification of all 8 Opposites as the Practice of our Age Ananda is teaching us the Unification of All 8 Opposites. In this workshops series he is combining Mankind‘s most Ancient light Body-Vehicle with the most Modern Superconducting Physics!

About the Training:

This is a series of intense training retreats, in which Ananda transmits the protocols of his “Vortexijah Light Body Star Ship“-method, the unification of all opposites in us – bringing this field to the absolute leading edge of Light Body science, techniques, meditations, & protocols. 


As our body has 7 nervous energy plexi, vortexes, that feed 7 endocrine glands, now commonly known as the Chakra’s from the East, these are 7 glands with 7 measurable vortexes, and they are produced from what Ananda calls the “Vortexijah”.

The Vortexijah-Field consists neither of light nor electricity, but it is a field of electro-gravitational energies which surrounds and flows continuously through our body, as part of the Unified Field, together with the 8 Hz coherent field continuum of DNA replication, and peak coherence in cardio, brain, and plexus coccygeal.

Therefore the Vortexijah begins with pure consciousness – with “All is God”. Utilised by Willed-Intent, upon a cultivated foundation of Ontological Being, as Anthropic Sentience. The engagement of cardio-rythm coherence, that peaks at 8 Hz, also entrains the brain at the hemisphere synchronization frequency of 8 cycles per second, the most creative brain state.

During the training, Ananda is teaching, or reminding, us how to connect these energy centres of the body. He transmits methods to activate and trinitise the personal Heart-, Life-, and Light-Centre, with their own 8-fold symmetry and 7 diverse components that build the body), including the teaching of the secret of the 8-fold spin unification of all 8 poles by the 8Hz Star Ship Lens for the re-realisation of the personal Light Body Starship, as a dialy practice, sustained coherent neurocybernetics, and for the Beyond.

About the trinitisation Ananda says:

Don’t go just to the light above, the life below or just to the heart in the mid, but to all three at the same time. Then you are not caught in polarity!

Through all these over 200 exercises, protocols, and meditations in compassionate love in action, 8Hz, the participants have the opportunity to re-connect with their personal Unity-Self and to become aware of their full potential as well as to integrate their true universal & divine core in a deeply touching way, that is individually unique, and instils co-creativity and wellbeing.

Ananda has developed hundreds of state of the art protocols, exercises, meditations and computer animations of multidimensional sacred geometry that he has pioneered for his famous Vortexijah Light Body Starship Propulsion Field“- Method. 

Already in 1994 he developed the new field of Inter-Geometry which is not 3D NOR 4D, but truly INTER-dimensional geometry that transcends the 3rd dimension based on the most advanced hyperscience & unifies all opposites of our duality. 

This now the new hadronic mechanical science branch of ISOTOPIC Geometry, which Ananda encorporates into the training, as a psychological application of this brand new Hadronic Mechanics.

All this together forms a unified system, a new Yoga of 8Hz, based on the Primordial Yoga of the Manu, for maximum efficient realisation, that can be carried on by the individual, once practiced, in their own Unique Way. 

The Vortexijah Method is a variation of the most secret techniques of the Buddhistic Chakra Vajra, proto-Sanskrit Vajratha of the Rg Veda,  as well as the original techniques of the Pakua Vehicles from the Taoist. Over centuries, those techniques were only taught to a few chosen ones. 

We are now, however, living in a time where “the secret is, to give away the secret!” 

To all truly interested and sincere people! 

Each of the 5 Parts include numerous practical exercises, protocols, and meditations, as well as computer animated lectures to illustrate & internalize the exercises. 

The next “Vortexijah~Diamond Body Lotus Training” by Ananda Bosman is scheduled for 2021 in Sedona/AZ, USA.
Please contact us for more details about the Venue & the Dates & Joining the Waiting List


See more details in Events

Life On Earth From Another Solar System?

Life may have traveled to Earth from afar, aboard an interstellar visitor like the weird, cigar-shaped object ‘Oumuamua, researchers say.

Oumuamua, which zoomed through the inner solar system last fall, is the first confirmed interstellar object ever observed in our neck of the woods. But that doesn’t mean it was the first ever to get here — far from it, in fact.

“We think that something like an ‘Oumuamua … there’s always one within about 1 AU of the sun at any given time,” planetary scientist Bill Bottke said last month during a panel discussion at the Breakthrough Discuss conference at the University of California, Berkeley. (One AU, or astronomical unit, is the average Earth-sun distance — about 93 million miles, or 150 million kilometers.)

“And that actually has some really interesting implications,” added Bottke, who directs the Department of Space Studies at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado.”

Hyper-Evolution (hypertopic evolution), has a macro vantage that goes beyond the above paradigm.

432hz ~The Musical Revolution: Book Excerpts First Time in English

The Italian musician & composer Riccardo Tristano Tuis based big parts of his book: 432Hertz: La Rivoluzione Musicale – L’Accordatura Aurea per intonare la musica alla biologia” (published by Nexus Publishing 1st ed. 2010/2nd ed. 2017; engl. translation: 432Hertz: The Musical Revolution- The Golden Tuning that tunes the music our Biology) on Ananda Bosman’s scientific research and called the well-being & healing effect of Ananda Bosman’s music theAnanda Effect”.   

Read here some excerpts from the book first time in Italian with English translation:

Italian Original Excerpts

English Translation of Excerpts


#23 & #32 Science&Consciousness Magazine, Italy

Read here the original Italian Articles of Issue #23 and Issue #32 in Scienza e Conoscenza with English translation: 

Scienza e Conoscenza #23 “L’influenza delle frequenze sui processi vitali: Accordi sopra i 432 hertz, frattali e DNA“




#32Science&Consciousness: “Il codice della Pineale: Neurotrasmettitori pineali – Intervista ad Ananda Bosman