Grailzine April 2015

Cosmic Impact: ETI Disclosure From Soviet President & US President, In Serious Humour, & Determined Assertion

The latest news, exploring not only the overt voices of two Russian presidents with regard to the reality of “ETI” contact & operations but also the deeper ontological backset, amidst the larger context of what is being disclosed. Providing further documentation behind the president Obama statements.

Exploring the larger galactic game board context & the personal existential awakening of the sovereign individual, in relation to these strong political motions & the cosmic impact that is upon us.

As our reality is being altered by a cosmic Intelligence, including through our sun to the Moon in golden honey moon.


Pineal Power & Darkroom Retreats

Pioneering the Pineal Power Science & Special Darkroom Retreats

In 1992 Ananda Bosman developed a neurotransmitter theory by which endogenous pineal gland neurotransmitters that were psychoactive would be activated thru complete light isolation called Dark Room Retreats & D.R. Inner Light. Hundreds of pilots were brought through these tests, a majority with high psychedelic experiences — all before Dr. Strassman’s “DMT: The Spirit Molecule”