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Dialogue with the Cosmos Events,

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  Youtube channel,

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    CHECK OUT Ananda’s  

    Latest Dates for, Lectures, Seminars & Workshop

    &  432Hz/8Hz Music Events

    HERE ...coming up next:

     DIALOGUES with the COSMOS

                    2018 - check HERE

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     Wochenend-Workshop April 2018/ 



    Upcoming Weekend Workshop April 2018 in



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                   New over 3h long Podcast

    Interview with the Team Kacper & Joshua

    from EVER.is !  We really enjoyed the talk!



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           Ananda in OZORAFestival see HERE

              An Update on this is coming soon...


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- Newest Interview from Ananda with Janaki -

                  directly from the studio in Hilversum

                                check it out HERE


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            ~  New YouTube Videos Uploaded ~

                  We have changed the name of our

                 Official YouTube Channel 

            CHECK OUT the NEW videos from

                       Sao Paulo/Brazil with

                   Portuguese translation!!!

            New HERE:  Ananda Bosman Brazil


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             - The 432hz-Platform Demoversion -


     We are currently working on our 432Hz Download

             Platform & we have a Demo-Version up!

       It is not perfect yet and we keep working on it...

             So keep checking out www.432hz.com for

                                       further Updates !              



                          Ananda’s First Lecture

                after his tour to the USA & Brazil

                Milan/Italy, 11. December 2016:






       Be the first to gain direct insights into Ananda’s

        experience & knowledge of the New Game

            & what its unfoldment means for all of us

                  together, individually & spiritually

                     in the time to come- NOW!

  Please click here for more details in English...

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       See more details & information about the

       Dialogue with the Cosmos- Series

       with LOADS of pictures  HERE&HERE

     Info in Italiano clicca qui

      ‘Operation Mountain Light’ - ‘Operation Tree Light’- 

           ‘Operation Unity-Pulse Exo-Transaction’ (Cosmic Contact)   

           Teaches Techniques one can use in Daily Life & for the NU Cycle,

           are to be organised OUTSIDE High-Up.

           More organiser Propositions for the Future Welcome, in Places of Power,

           Earth Star Grids, for Planet Earth & Gradual Awakening Mankind.    


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     ✵    Making the Invisible Visible....-    

             Telescopes with the Cosmos

     “Scientists are being contacted. When they open themselves to new         

         ideas they will receive an Over-Lighting and then receive this new     

         information. Only one or two of them will actually succeed to create

         something that will eventually influence the public as a whole. 

       “Once they have built the adequate machinery and if the time is right,

        it will go on public display.” — Emmanuel, 16th February, 1989.


     In 2016, the above


    Brand new scientific instruments now can see the     

    invisible worlds....

    Read more in Ananda’s brand new Send-Out HERE

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                 Also available for you

            Videomaterial from Ananda’s  Seminars

                    Click here for more info

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       Read HERE Ananda’s

        GRAILZINE MARCH 2016 Part I, II & III 

         ad hoc to this intverview and HERE his

        Dialogues with the Cosmos-Series



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    Ananda Bosman on America's Veritas Radio ❊



    The Implications of Ultraterrestrial & ETI Contact

                            in the Age of Neurogenesis

        His most comprehensive interview- 3 hours long!

                       ON AIR NOW HERE!

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          Ananda on Freeradicalmedia Radio ❊

                 Alchemy, Soma & the Eschaton

          Listen to Ananda's 2 hour interview HERE


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  ❊ Ananda Bosman on America's Sanitas Radio ❊


             432Hz: The Original Musical Frequency of

                               Healing  &  Well-Being

                          ON AIR NOW HERE!


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   NU Article for "Lichtfokus" Magazine by Ananda:



    The 432Hz & 8Hz AUMega Music Revolution Music 

                         of Heart Love & True DNA Sonics

                                 Read here in English...

                               Deutsche Version hier...

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