Vortexijah ~ Diamond Body Lotus Training

In the “Vortexijah~Diamond Body/Light Body Starship Field Propulsion-Training” – the  8Hz Unification of all 8 Opposites as the Practice of our Age Ananda is teaching us the Unification of All 8 Opposites. In this workshops series he is combining Mankind‘s most Ancient light Body-Vehicle with the most Modern Superconducting Physics!

About the Training:

This is a series of intense training retreats, in which Ananda transmits the protocols of his “Vortexijah Light Body Star Ship“-method, the unification of all opposites in us – bringing this field to the absolute leading edge of Light Body science, techniques, meditations, & protocols. 


As our body has 7 nervous energy plexi, vortexes, that feed 7 endocrine glands, now commonly known as the Chakra’s from the East, these are 7 glands with 7 measurable vortexes, and they are produced from what Ananda calls the “Vortexijah”.

The Vortexijah-Field consists neither of light nor electricity, but it is a field of electro-gravitational energies which surrounds and flows continuously through our body, as part of the Unified Field, together with the 8 Hz coherent field continuum of DNA replication, and peak coherence in cardio, brain, and plexus coccygeal.

Therefore the Vortexijah begins with pure consciousness – with “All is God”. Utilised by Willed-Intent, upon a cultivated foundation of Ontological Being, as Anthropic Sentience. The engagement of cardio-rythm coherence, that peaks at 8 Hz, also entrains the brain at the hemisphere synchronization frequency of 8 cycles per second, the most creative brain state.

During the training, Ananda is teaching, or reminding, us how to connect these energy centres of the body. He transmits methods to activate and trinitise the personal Heart-, Life-, and Light-Centre, with their own 8-fold symmetry and 7 diverse components that build the body), including the teaching of the secret of the 8-fold spin unification of all 8 poles by the 8Hz Star Ship Lens for the re-realisation of the personal Light Body Starship, as a dialy practice, sustained coherent neurocybernetics, and for the Beyond.

About the trinitisation Ananda says:

Don’t go just to the light above, the life below or just to the heart in the mid, but to all three at the same time. Then you are not caught in polarity!

Through all these over 200 exercises, protocols, and meditations in compassionate love in action, 8Hz, the participants have the opportunity to re-connect with their personal Unity-Self and to become aware of their full potential as well as to integrate their true universal & divine core in a deeply touching way, that is individually unique, and instils co-creativity and wellbeing.

Ananda has developed hundreds of state of the art protocols, exercises, meditations and computer animations of multidimensional sacred geometry that he has pioneered for his famous Vortexijah Light Body Starship Propulsion Field“- Method. 

Already in 1994 he developed the new field of Inter-Geometry which is not 3D NOR 4D, but truly INTER-dimensional geometry that transcends the 3rd dimension based on the most advanced hyperscience & unifies all opposites of our duality. 

This now the new hadronic mechanical science branch of ISOTOPIC Geometry, which Ananda encorporates into the training, as a psychological application of this brand new Hadronic Mechanics.

All this together forms a unified system, a new Yoga of 8Hz, based on the Primordial Yoga of the Manu, for maximum efficient realisation, that can be carried on by the individual, once practiced, in their own Unique Way. 

The Vortexijah Method is a variation of the most secret techniques of the Buddhistic Chakra Vajra, proto-Sanskrit Vajratha of the Rg Veda,  as well as the original techniques of the Pakua Vehicles from the Taoist. Over centuries, those techniques were only taught to a few chosen ones. 

We are now, however, living in a time where “the secret is, to give away the secret!” 

To all truly interested and sincere people! 

Each of the 5 Parts include numerous practical exercises, protocols, and meditations, as well as computer animated lectures to illustrate & internalize the exercises. 

The next “Vortexijah~Diamond Body Lotus Training” by Ananda Bosman is scheduled for 2020 in Sedona/AZ, USA as well as 2021
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Dialogue With The Cosmos Series

In the year 2013 Ananda started a series called “Dialogues with the Cosmos” Part I & II (in Italy/Switzerland and Austria)

At both events the “Unknown Flying Objects” manifested in different manners and were observed by the participants – including at very close range for some people. Attended by participants of diverse backgrounds, including psychiatrists, and lieutenants.

More “Dialogues with the Cosmos” – Events are coming up in 2015!
Please read the full reports of both events here:

DC: AIM DC: Report 1 DC Report II DC Report III


Ananda Bosman has been summoning what are commonly called “UFOs” and other ‘Unknown Phenomenon’ since 1985, along with Ultraterrestrial “Light Beings”. Over the last 30 years utilising precise protocols to engage the contacts. Along with using neuro-biofeedback and breathing techniques that enhance the ability to obtain creative information in unusual methods.

He has over 90 witnesses to various forms of UFO sightings with him, including landings, and going inside a vehicle, that include credible witnesses from medical doctors, double PhD’s, mathematicians, journalists, psychiatrists, to aeronautic engineers.
In regard to other “Unknown Phenomenon” of “contact” with some form of “Other” intelligence, the witnesses are far more.

In January 1991, Copenhagen, Ananda Bosman had his first “disclosure” press conference with the theme of the “JFK Assassination & The Alien Presence” attended by over 75 journalists, with positive media coverage, including the Danish National TV Kanal Plus 9‘clock news, on the subject.

The Introduction to the “Dialogue with the Cosmos”:

Using his 30 years of experience with Ultraterrestrial/”ETI”, Ananda will impart in simple methods, the best means he knows of, for engaging a “Dialogue with the Cosmos” for the individual person.
Of engaging the Unification of “Star Light Energies” with “Earth Energies”, “Elemental Energies”, and “Aether Energies” through “coherent neuro-techniques”, and coherent “biological energies”, mediated through the human biocomputer transducer, and hadronic hyper-genetic machinery (theories based on discoveries in hard empirical hadronic physics, and practical hands on experience directly) — protocols rooted in the ancient Vedas (Rg Veda), and the orient.

When in the Field and doing Work, one may practice and apply what has been taught by Ananda Bosman, this will be encouraged, and MAY enrichen the individual.
Each individual contributes their own uniqueness, and this is not to be underestimated.
Any field work that may capture “unknown”, unusual, phenomenon that is captured by photo, audio, or video by any and all of the participants, MUST give a quality copy to Ananda Bosman.
However, THERE WILL BE NO “NONDISCLOSURE” LEGAL CONTRACTS, but it will be open, like ECETI, the RAHMA Mission, and other congruent star watcher groups.

The participant are free to share in whatever way they wish, internet, youtube, lectures, media, blogs, their experiences, photographs, films etc.
Some photographic materials and film materials may not necessarily be endorsed by Ananda Bosman as genuine “unknown phenomenon”, until further analysis is conducted, in spite of the fact that other unknown/unusual phenomenon and “link up” experiences, or remote viewing/ET-VR may have been ongoing concurrently, to these objective media recordings.

The reason for this is important. ANY captured photo or film of “unknown lights” or tape recordings of “strange sounds”, must undergo the logistical evaluation, AFTER the event.
Critical Analysis, in the true sense, takes place after the event, to enable best open results of data during the event. Whilst the best objective data analysis tools are utilised during the event, such as satellite data bases, gamma ray monitors, and other Electro-Magnetic equipment, to increase the objectivity of the results.
We want this to be as Open and Fair as possible!
For any experience is for the individual and they should be free to do what they want with their own captured material.

Especially when it comes to “Dialogues with the Cosmos”, with some form of “Unknown Phenomenon/Intelligence” — we cannot support a non disclosure legal contract basis, that is not fair or true to the individual, the group, or the cosmos, in our opinion.
In co-operation with other “Star Watcher” groups internationally, in a synergy of the wave of the civilian Cosmic Dialogue ongoing.

And in the future mass cooperation/coordination will become essential for the hygenics of the species — universally open for all in unity with the “Other”.
Regardless of the timelines of variance towards this passing of the threshold for our present species (in other words, the “time it takes”).


All techniques and protocols and methods taught by Ananda Bosman are
copyrighted by Ananda Bosman.
However, the individual is free to practice for the rest of their lives, and to find their own unique version thereof, naturally.

Extremely VITAL to Note:

It must be made very clear, that all payments for these events are made to Ananda Bosman for teaching the techniques, protocols, and methods, only, and by practice in the field, as well as for organizing expenses of the organizers, not for the “Unknown Phenomenon” (wether Spiritual, Sonic, Light pulses, Light Beams, UFO Sightings, or unusual sources of information they may obtain), that MAY or MAY NOT occur.
These belong to the individual, the group, and the “Other”.
Our “Contact” with the Cosmos must not come under any designation of price transaction. This is a VITAL point in Ananda Bosman’s opinion.

When on the Field, Ananda will give examples of how to use the protocols, methods and techniques, even when a “sighting” of an “unknown” occurs during such a demonstration, payment is only for the teaching example of the protocol, NOT the sighting itself!
Payment to the “contact” or “sighting” is done by “compassionate love transactions” 🙂 and these too will be taught – or more to the core: will be “Re-Minded/Re-Kindled” – in these “Dialogue with the Cosmos” Journeys.

Beyond Death and Reincarnation

Ananda’s new series April 28th – 19th 2018

This workshop encompasses & details the following topics….& more:
Interacting with the Afterlife and Beyond,
What Are Ghosts?
Detailing the 7 Planes of the Pass On & Beyond
Bodies of the 7 Planes, and/or of the 7 Lokas/Talas & Beyond
Do we really Die! Anthropic Implications of a 512 Dimensional Reality & its parallel Afterlifes
The Land of the Ancestors, the Gods, Transpersonal, Living Archetypes & the 7 Brain Chakras
Apotheosis with Gnosis as a form of “Re-incarnation” several times in one life.
The Original Reincarnation and Transmigration of the Soul from the most archaic
manuscript of mankind: the Rg Veda …and much more!

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