The 432Hz 8Hz Musical Revolution Wellbeing and Transformation

The 432Hz&8Hz Musical Revolution-Wellbeing & Transformation in Harmony with the Cosmos

This event was held in 2015

26 & 27 of September in San Marino/Italyorganized by Giorgia Gaia and in collaboration with the QInstitute.


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Here are some program points that are waiting for you : –

  • Ananda will present in those 2 days in his multimedia rich style
  • the 432Hz & 8Hz Mega Music Revolution
  • its musical effects on our Wellbeing &
  • the Visions of the Future for Universal Music & Mankind
  • in Harmony with the effect ons of the Future for Universal Music & Mankind in Harmony with the Cosmos!


Saturday Night after end of seminar 

  •    432HZ DanceSet with Ananda’s music and more…
  •    Guided Meditation by Ananda with 432Hz, 8Hz,
  •    72bpm and his UFOM music guiding as a soundwave in the background
  •   Performance of organizer & artist Giorgia Gaia together with her artistic partner during the event,
  •    a live soundscape in 432 Hz.
  •  Short presentation of Q Institute, their activities
  • 432hz guided meditation with Marco Fincati (their speaker) and Andrea Zuin (432hz hardpan player).


….more to come

Venue: Centro Vacanze San Marino


Ticket prices for both days:

    € 89,00 for bookings before 15. September 2015

    € 99,00 for bookings after  15. September 2015

For signing up & questions regarding accommodation please contact:

Giorgia Gaia on


by phone: 00393479853606 (in English or Italian