UFO/UAP Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Press Conference Aug. 21, 2021 – Ananda Bosman

Press Statement & First Announcement of the 

UFO/UAP Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Press Conference Aug. 21, 2021 -Ananda Bosman together with our Media Partner ExopoliticsTV: 

Press Statement by Ananda Bosman

(organizer of “JFK & the Alien Presence” Press Conference, 1991 Copenhagen & Co-organiser with garpan.ca of the Multi-Metropolitan Academic UFOlogy Press Conference in response to the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force Report on UFOs/UAPs)

Vancouver,Downtown, Venue tbd, August 21st, 2021

In response to the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force Report assembled from all branches of the US Government, Military, Intelligence — the International Academic and Civilian UFOlogical Community, will voice its independent evaluation of the UAPTS report, with related relevant research, as an independent voice for critical review.

There are three main UFOlogy groups (with subgroups):

  1. Studies the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, extraterrestrial life, genetic and cultural intervention, and the ET contact/experience, at face value
  2. Represents the civilian, scientific, and academic researchers, takes the anthropological approach, and may be inclined towards the Hyperdimensional Hypothesis (HDH); the Ultraterrestrial Hypothesis (UTH); or the Superintelligence Hypothesis (SIH)
  3. Strictly adheres to Military UFOlogy that investigates and postulates unacknowledged unconventional exotic technology covertly possessed by foreign or domestic nations, exhibiting the behavior of some UFO cases

A combination of factors is always open for review as evidence accrues.

The International Academic and Civilian UFOlogical Community will voice its research findings, criteria, and data, to coordinate the coherent integration of results into scientific discourses, and related transdiciplinary fields, in advancing our comprehension, and innovating this field of UAP research, with an independent academic voice of free information

Academic & Civilian UFOlogical Community’s Response to the UAP Task Force.pdf
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