Grailzine February 2015


The Human Meditation of Cosmic Disclosure

Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, Beams, Radiations, Realisation, & Healing.

Global awareness that a cosmic Intelligence is engaging the human race now, is progressing daily, and becoming a media trend-line. Awareness to a cosmic Other is augmenting deeper amidst the roots of mankind’s post modern realisation — like an awakening yawn from the amnesia of cognitive slumber. Whilst such headlines as “Scientists predict Earth-like planets around most stars,” become a monthly standard — it would appear that history is in the making once more, as the US for the first time gives benefits to a US Air Force sergeant for exposure to UFO radiation. Amidst the documented effects of UFOs on human physiology, there is a good percentage regarding UFO healing(s), we shall explore cases of deliberate healing of death bed ailments, amidst the pertinent question, “Is it safe to engage dialogues with the cosmic Other?”