New Webinar March 28

Join us in Ananda’s upcoming Webinar on March 28 at 5 p.m. (Amsterdam, Rome, Berlin time/ 9a.m. PST)

In this one-day webinar, Ananda will be sharing the spiritual, psychological, physical, character of the present Corona outlay, and the larger world game stage at hand, in context to awakening mankind and the cosmic super intelligence that is with us.
We shall be looking at many factors. Also clear solutions up ahead and immediate.
Exploring the scenarios that may unroll, and should they, what one can do. Delving into the:


Character of Corona, and beyond, as well as the:

Secret Society, mixed Eschatological, and
Game theories

Involved in the present unfoldment, and similar unfoldment, so that they can be read in context.
And what is likely to continue.
Looking at:

Preventatives, &
Educational advances,

For this present situation and up ahead. The bigger meaning of what is at hand.
Another view of a larger picture, which involves elements not being talked about, that have been placed into our world by the super and hyper civilizations. By the Superintelligence that we are part of. The tools of transformational alchemy to utilize herein.

Ananda will be answering the questions of the audience during the webinar, so keep your questions ready!

The Webinar is via ZOOM & in English with Italian simultaneous translation. It will be 4 -5 hours long with some breaks in between. 

The fee is 90,00 € (97,00 US-$).

You can register directly HERE

or contact us for more questions.

We are excited to see you all there!