All Is GOD~The Omnidimensional Heart, October 19&20, Vancouver

During this weekend intensive, Ananda will combine the exploration & Revelation of the following topics together with exercises & mediations, using his well known multimedia & 432hz/8hz music as a sound carpet:

* The Foundational Keys of The Diamond Body Lotus Vehicle

* The Awakening of Mankind arising as powerful co-creators of a new reality, and new abilities.

* The Sacred Geometry of the 432Hz and 8Hz Music Revolution. The music for cultural cosmic contact, healing & The birth into superconsciousness

* The Omniterrestrial Presence, incorporating the ultra terrestrial presence, as an Umbrella of the cosmic intelligence (“ETI”).

* Key powerful meditations, with breath work, selected from the 14 graded intensive Diamond Body Lotus trainings


* Awakening the co-creator by sustained heart coherence, the compassionate heart technology as the genetic engineer of the future

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