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              Am 28. & 29. April kommt

             Ananda’a brand-neue Serie



           als Workshop nach Deutschland !

  Alle Infos & Anmeldung findet ihr auf dem Flyer 




                       English: 28. & 29. April

               Ananda’s new series




                                    comes to Germany -

              as Weekend-Workshop

         This workshop encompasses & details the following

      topics....& more:


                Interacting with the Afterlife and Beyond,

                What Are Ghosts?

               Detailing the 7 Planes of the Pass On  & Beyond

               Bodies of the 7 Planes, and/or of the 7 Lokas/Talas  & Beyond

               Do we really Die! Anthropic Implications of a 512 Dimensional Reality & its parallel Afterlifes

               The Land of the Ancestors, the Gods, Transpersonal, Living Archetypes & the 7 Brain Chakras

               Apotheosis with Gnosis as a form of “Re-incarnation” several times in one life.

              The Original Reincarnation and Transmigration of the Soul from the most archaic

              manuscript of mankind: the Rg Veda ...and much more!

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