Vortexijah -

Diamond Body Lotus Training




                                        What is Ananda‘s

                               Vortexijah - Training?

The Novel Integration Of the Oldest Light Body Vehicle, Integrated with the most modern Superconductive Physics

- Initiation in 4 steps plus 1 Teacher training -

In the Diamond Body/ Light Body Starship Field Propulsion-Training Ananda is teaching, or reminding, how to connect the energy centers of the body.

The body has seven nervous energy plexi, vortexes that feed seven endocrine glands, now commonly known as the Chakra's from the East.

But they are seven glands with seven measurable vortexes, and they are produced from what he calls the Vortexijah.

In the training we go through a multitude of different exercises, which enable us not to focus just on the high chakras, or just on the low chakras.

In the modern spirituality of the West the focus is on the high chakras, "bringing down the light", or in Gnostic Christianity bringing down the Holy Spirit.

The far East traditions speak about taking in the Chi and going to the Hara (below the navel, the martial arts Ki point). And from the near East, the Sufis speak about going to the heart.

We are saying: Don't go just to the light above, the life below, or just to the heart in the mid, but to all three at the same time.

Then you are not caught in polarity!

Ananda will transmit us the essential Light Body Protocols, utilizing the practice of the Anu-Nabi – Atom Self Golden Embryo & HiranyaGarbha: Primordial SUN Self.

With hundreds of animations, more than 30 meditations and many exercises!

An intensive in the Unity Self Technology

How Ananda developed the Vortexijah-Training:

In  1986 an Interdimensional Numinous Light Being from the group of the Emmanuels materialized physically in its Light Body in front of Ananda.

In December 1989 Ananda himself was brought into a completely other super-physical state by the Emmanuels, in which he was completely invisible to the other people just beside him in the same room. 

He called this experience later:

“The Vortexijah Ultraterrestrial Translation Technology“.

Based on this and many other first-hand experiences, he developed the

“Vortexijah Body of Light Ship“, which is currently the

most advanced system for the Shamanic Yoga, or neuro-cybernetic Unification and Re-realisation, available to the open public.

With hundreds of own developed Utmost State of the Art protocols, exercises, meditations, techniques & computer animations of multidimensional sacred geometry that together form a unified system for maximum efficient realisation, that can be carried on by the individual, once practiced, in their own Unique Way.

Towards each human beings personal path of Re-realisation!

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